awareness & prevention

To create awareness of child protection and children’s rights. To education children and the community to prevent child abuse.

3 000+ children


Poppie project
Badisa's Poppie (doll) project is a brilliant initiative that makes it possible for everyone to contribute to the protection of children in SA.

Each doll gets a name and true story from a child who needs care and protection. Individuals can then make donations according to the specific child's needs.

Skills project
Teaching children (4-18 years old) different life skills using various methods.

Bullying program
Bully prevention program for children hosted at schools.

Community education
Information sessions to educate community members on the implementation of children's act using information sessions.

Gentlemen’s club & ladies club
Addressing risky behaviour amongst teenagers.

My body
A prevention and education program focussing on children's sexual development for 4 to 12 year old school children.

Community mobilization program focussing on child protection.


Cormar Films busy filming the puppet show at Badisa West Coast office.

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